27 February, 2008

The Foreigns

Today Wonkette also attempts a semi-respite from Homeland electoral politics, and posts a humorous rundown of The Foreigns and the fact that they, too, have elections.

You might think of Spain as “Europe’s Mexico,” but it turns out Albania has that job wrapped up. No, Spain is actually Europe’s America, if the ongoing election season is any indication!

The left- and right-wing candidates went on the teevee for a debate! They argued bout the doomed economy, and all those illegal immigrants flowing in from the south, and accused each other of being Soft On Terror.

Then the local religious types weighed in, nudging everyone towards the right-wing types. There was even a YouTube debate, where a dude wearing pearls and a dress talked about gay marriage! It’s all so familiar, it’s like you’re at home in Dubuque!

So what’s the difference? Well, they’re going to manage to wrap the whole f***ing thing up in eight weeks. Eight weeks! Do you know how many Spanish elections you could fit into ours? 14! And they only had two debates, where we’re going to have, what, 40, 100? DO NUMBERS EVEN GO THAT HIGH.

Maybe this is why this is why foreign elections are so under-reported in the American media: they're too SHORT for the American attention-span!


spencer said...

On the other hand, a short election is biased toward those with name recognition and against those like our dear Mr. Obama.

Cassady said...

I'm not entirely sure that lesser-known American candidates couldn't put together a strong front in two months.

Perhaps I'm just sick of year-long campainging and complaining--who knows?

Honestly though, restricting campaign time would force all candidates to dig down and get right to the point. There would be less time for supposedly incriminating photos to be "leaked," less chance for an out and out character debate, and and overall press for more substance.

This would, I think, require some other changes as well. The big 'ol campaign finance reform. Debate schedules. The ENTIRE ELECTORAL PROCESS. Forgive me, but I simply must comment again on my absolute disdain for our current voting system.

Thank you remedial math for teaching me about the vast inadequacies of our system. Give me approval voting, or give me...something else that's better than superdelegates who don't have to represent their constituencies and the electoral college!

spencer said...

Obama's movement was built from the ground up, gradually. Hillary had a huge lead in every single state until Obama actually campaigned in the state. In the Republican race, Giuliani had massive leads until he campaigned in a state. Doing something like this takes time. I'm afraid that a too-short campaign would give the establishment candidates a serious advantage. There is something to be said for a primary process in which small samples of the whole country really get to know the candidates.