02 February, 2008

Endorsements, endorsements

With Spencer pointing out that Obama has narrowed the gap in California, Big Barry has garnered some more big endorsements. The rundown:

  • Obama pulls in the endorsement of the LA Times (along with McCain), while Antonio Villaraigosa, the mayor of Los Angeles, is continues to be vocal as Hillary's campaign co-chair
  • Toni Morrison (who famously called Bill Clinton our first black president) gets on the Barry bandwagon in a literary letter
  • The Service Employees International Union, the largest union in California with 650,ooo members endorses Obama
  • The New York-based Transport Workers Union, with 140,000 members, has become the first Edwards union to endorse another candidate: Obama!
  • A tense household, that: Alma Rangel, wife of Clinton-supporting Senator Charlie Rangel, endorses the Barackster
  • Obama inspires The Hulk to go out on a limb
  • MoveOn, which was originally created to defend Bill Clinton, votes overwhelmingly to back Obama
Anyone else? Anyone? There are three big endorsements still out there, by my count: Edwards, Richardson, and Gore. Gore has shown no sign that he is interested in endorsing. Richardson's keeping mum, as is Edwards. Are both hoping for a VP spot? If so, they may simply be playing it safe. On the other hand, their endorsements could put Obama or Clinton over the top.

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spencer said...


Obama has collected two very important Latino endorsements. The first is La Opinión, the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the country and the second-largest any-language newspaper in Los Angeles. The second is from El Piolín, whose morning talk show is the largest radio show in the country (even bigger than Limbaugh.)