09 January, 2008

Will the New Mexican be old news?

NYtimes sent the email update that tomorrow Bill Richardson will announce whether or not he is dropping out of the primaries since

In New Hampshire on Tuesday, Mr. Richardson won less than 5 percent of the vote.
In Iowa last Thursday, he finished with 2 percent of the caucus vote

Reportedly this could last until February 5th according to the website: http://www.santafenewmexican.com/

But to whom will his followers turn?

Mr. Richardson was the only Democrat to rise to Mrs. Clinton’s defense as she was seen to be criticized by other candidates in an early Democratic debate.

At the same time, reports had been circulating that the Richardson campaign had told supporters to make Mr. Obama their second-place choice in Iowa — reports that both campaigns denied, but were said to have driven a wedge between his campaign and the Clinton campaign.

Although Elliot holds memories of Bill (who will leave office as governor in 2010), we shall build new ones with hope that his followers add to the Obama-nation.


higgy said...

Looks like Bill's throwin' in the towel - and not pointing his followers to anyone in particular.

Cassady said...

Well, regardless of who he points to, his voters should generally tend to Obama, which is a positive in my mind!