25 January, 2008

The Rather Predictable Update

After two days of essentially uncontrolled movement between Gaza and Rafah, the Egyptian government initiated attempts to close the Gaza border but fails to do so today, as more portions of the wall are destroyed. The results are mixed reactions from both Hamas and the Gazan people, but the feeling remains that the border will be closed again soon, and seizing the moment means bringing consumables back into Gaza while the wall breaches still exist.

Israel still appears to hold out hopes that Egypt will take Gaza, or at least the humanitarian crisis there, off their hands. At the same time, as reported by The New York Times,

Early on Friday, Israel killed the Hamas military commander of Rafah, Muhammad Harb, and a deputy when planes fired on his car near the border. He was said to have commanded the men who blew down the border wall and, Israel said, was involved in a raid into Israel in 2006.

In truth, it does not seem like Israel's actions or attitude will have much effect on whether Egypt will be willing to take responsibility for Gaza. Egyptian officials have repeatedly indicated that the government refuses to entertain the option.

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