29 January, 2008

Obama: A good guy

Check out this story recounted by Bill Richardson:

"I had just been asked a question -- I don't remember which one -- and Obama was sitting right next to me. Then the moderator went across the room, I think to Chris Dodd, so I thought I was home free for a while. I wasn't going to listen to the next question. I was about to say something to Obama when the moderator turned to me and said, 'So, Gov. Richardson, what do you think of that?' But I wasn't paying any attention! I was about to say, 'Could you repeat the question? I wasn't listening.' But I wasn't about to say I wasn't listening. I looked at Obama. I was just horrified. And Obama whispered, 'Katrina. Katrina.' The question was on Katrina! So I said, 'On Katrina, my policy . . .' Obama could have just thrown me under the bus. So I said, 'Obama, that was good of you to do that.'"
Is there any doubt in your mind that Hillary Clinton would have shot back a cold, stony stare?

UPDATE: I think that this is the incident described above. Richardson recovers well:


Elliot said...

The question remains: why wasn't Richardson paying attention? Is this standard practice in presidential debates to not listen to your opponents speak because they are across the room? I mean, to zone out while Dodd is answering is one thing, but to not even have heard the question in the first place?

spencer said...

It's hard to pay attention for 2 hours.

Elliot said...

Come now. Thus Adderall.

spencer said...

Notice that Obama was paying attention. This could mean one of three things:

1) Obama was on Adderall.
2) The minor candidates don't pay much attention because they never get ask questions.
3) Obama hears all and knows all.