31 January, 2008

Liveblogging the Debate

9:54 - And it's over. Barack performed well, but I fear that he was too nice to Hillary, too cordial, too friendly. I fear that people would prefer a Clinton-Obama ticket to Obama-Someone Else. We shall see.

9:32 - Oops! Eating.

9:05 - Liveblogging is tough. Hillary: "Being the first woman president would be a huge CHANGE for America."

9:03 - Hillary: "REAL change in PEOPLE's lives that I am PROUD of."

8:55 - Oh no, the next two issues are going to be character and experience. This is going to go downhill quickly.

8:53 - As Andrew Sullivan said, this is a pretty even debate, which he thinks will be good for the Clintons.

8:51 - Chinese food ordered. It's going to be a long night.

8:49 - This is a surprisingly serious debate.

8:44 - Hillary: "It's not practical to round up immigrants and deport them." Wow, she's really going for the Hispanic vote.

8:42 - Barack: "We should not use immigration as a scapegoat for the economy." Awesome.

8:39 - YEESH! A nasty question: how do you address the fact that immigrant labor negatively affects African-Americans? Barack: "I believe that we can be a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants!" Hear ye!

8:37 - Why do they let Wolf Blitzer host like 20 debates?

8:32 - Finally, a debate that is actually about things that Democrats might care about! And not even a shade of Russertism.

8:29 - You can just tell that Hillary is secretly a huge wonk...which I sort of like. But excessive wonkiness leads to excessive bureaucracy.

8:27 - Obama wants to broadcast the health care negotiations on C-SPAN! That would be cool.

8:25 - Why is Obama making such a stand on no mandates for health care? Is this Austan Goolsbee's fault? He may be right, but why even start a debate on such a relatively minor point?

8:24 - Hillary: "If you don't try to get universal health care, you will be NIBBLED TO DEATH!"

8:20 - Hmm...Obama is making good points about health care. The people who won't be covered under his plan are people who don't want health care. That just makes mandated health care a transfer from healthy people to unhealthy people. But does that really make sense?

8:18 - Hillary has larger-than-expected eyebrows. So these are the substantive differences: health care, Iraq, mortgage crisis?

8:15 - Now Obama is talking about health care...its interesting that they both highlight the differences that have NOT worked in their favor.

8:14 - Clearly the tickets to this debate were not democratically distributed. So far I have seen Rob Reiner and Chelsea Clinton, but very little of the so-called Latino vote.

8:13 - They ask what their policy differences are and Hillary starts talking about foreign policy. Is that smart? After all she is a warmonger.

8:09 - Obama makes a nice opening statement, using part of his stump speech which is very recognizable to those of us who have followed him.

8:00 - Obama has HUGE hands! Why are there all of these photographers?

7:50 - Some CNN talking head just compared Hillary to the New England Patriots...get her a latte!


Elliot said...

Our first liveblog! I'm so damn proud!

higgy said...

I'm not so sure. If people see Obama as an inspirer and leader, and Clinton as a cold-hearted 'do-er' - then would Obama/Clinton be different than Bush/Cheney was? That seemed to go over well. (I mean, they won.)

spencer said...

My point is that if people don't see the race as important because both candidates will be on the ticket, that works for Clinton. And I want Obama to be president, not Clinton. I'd prefer if Clinton was nowhere near the White House.