12 December, 2007


This profile of Mike Huckabee is pretty enlightening in a number of ways. It's also written from a liberal perspective that is, I suspect, meant to make him seem less mainstream and acceptable. But that's the sort of thing we'll need to do if he is successful in his primary bid.

Bottom line: Iowans love him, but his campaign has no money. Moreover, he seems hopelessly naive about nearly every issue except for social issues, where he is hopelessly old-fashioned. He simply won't appeal to same kinds of people in the general election that Republican politicians who are well-trained at sitting on the fence between religious and secular will.

Oh boy:

Huckabee does not have an impressive grasp of [the Fair Tax's] details. When I suggested, for example, that consumers might evade the tax simply by acquiring goods and services for cash on the black market, he seemed genuinely surprised.

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