27 November, 2007

Pull your carbon-foot out of your mouth...and post it online!

All this discussion of carbon taxes and caps and, most importantly, personal responsibility has me wondering just how far I go towards doing my part. After all, let him who is without sin cast first, am I right? Of course I am.

Here are some cool sites that might help you figure out just how much of a footprint you're stomping into the beautiful face of mother nature.

(supposedly #1 site)

(somehow connected to "An Inconvenient Truth, thus...Elliot approves)

(just another one, you know, never hurts to have a second [or third] opinion)
{The use of brackets is getting out of hand}

So go ahead, test yourself and face the consequences you stinking hippies!
According to one, I'm about a ton and a half of carbon per annum below average. Not exactly the type of score that I can lord over global warming-deniers and corporate fat-cats, but not a bad start. Since posting, I've turned down my heat and put on a sweater. Take that greenhouse gases!

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