29 November, 2007


For those of you who live on Mars, tonight's game is shaping up to be a doozy, with speculation rampant and potentially steep consequences on both sides. Annoyingly, the game will be broadcast on NFL network, but any self-respecting Packer fan (at least those living in Wisconsin) should be able to make it out to their local sports bar. Personally, I am having trouble concentrating on my bellic theories of state formation in Latin America.

Some highlights on the run-up to the show-down:

  • The question of the week seems to be: is Romo another Favre? I for one am impressed with the kid's humility in the face of this comparison: "Brett's Brett," Romo said. "At the end of the day, anyone who tries to pretend there's another Brett is just kidding themselves. That's like saying you've got the next Jordan and all that stuff. That's just what people want to talk about. But the reality is, he's one of a kind and there'll never be another one like him. It's just neat to be able to watch him from time to time." Amen.
  • Free safety Nick Collins will play! This is great news, since there has been much talk about the Packers' soft spot in the middle, which Collins' return will shore up. Woodson is still questionable, unfortunately...but at least we will get the Harris-TO match-up and all of the attendant trash-talking hardball that entails.
  • The Mayors of Green Bay and Dallas have placed a delicious bet on the outcome of the game. All I can say is, I'm hungry for some Texas steer.
  • In the New York Times' shameless pro-Cowboys hack piece (somehow the Times can't escape its high-falutin prose and middle-America myopia even when stooping to write about sports) Cowboy's defensive end Chris Canty sounds a bit alarmed: "In order for us to even have a chance on God’s green earth, we have to pressure the quarterback. If not, we will lose."
  • And, in my personal favorite, Chris Erskine at the LA Times: "You're maybe the last American hero. A postmodern DiMaggio. A Wyatt Earp. You're about 140 years old, with the smile of an 8-year-old and a gun like Zeus." Yes, he is talking about Favre. Read on for more such beautiful prose.
Also, for the record, the Cowboys are favored by 7 points. One might say that this game is bigger than the World Cup, the World Series, and World War II combined.


Elliot said...

Fuck. Well, this game wasn't really that important, really. Rodgers played commendably, I have to say.

spencer said...

For some reason, I am not disappointed with this loss. The Cowboys are really good. The Packers made it a fairly close game with injuries on defense and no Favre. The next time they come to Dallas, they will win.

Elliot said...

No, I agree. The Pack was resilient in the face of adversity.