09 November, 2007

Our big break

From Bruce Reed, over at Slate:

While we all hope Hollywood writers will be pencils up again soon, this could be the big break bloggers have been waiting for. Thanks to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, millions of members of "Stewart Colbert Nation" have become political junkies—and rather than settle for reruns, they are bound to scour the Web looking for material good enough to satisfy their fix.

Score one for the strike breakers. But it gets better: according to Reed, debaser in all likelihood already has more traffic than Rudy Guliani's campaign blog.


spencer said...

In solidarity with the WGA, we should cease writing funny posts until the strike is resolved!

Elliot said...

but why should they get paid more when we'll work for free!

kind of interesting, though, that writers can muster the clout to strike when there is such a "surplus of words" and so many young (and talented!) writers like us who would work for nothing more than exposure.

writers must have an excessive penchant for solidarity for our dear spencer to support overriding our self-interest in this matter. but anyway, a moratorium on funny posting is no sacrifice for me.