24 November, 2007

A little vindication

It seems that others have noticed the recent ridiculousness on the NYT opinion page. Glenn Greenwald agrees with me -- and points out that it extends back some time. One can certainly notice the same vapid and smarmy caricaturizing that handicapped the 2000 election cycle at play once again. (Thanks to Matt Yglesias for the link.)

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Cassady said...

That is rich. Good for the body, good for the soul.

Friedman has an idea, albeit a half-formed and slightly deranged one, about the kind of "man" America should be. It's obvious enough that he's the kind of guy who every now and then slips into an accent reminiscent of The Duke because he thinks it impresses his lady.

Really, I just think he lacks the words and a level or two of understanding to say what he really means. Aretha found them, and with a soulful and commanding voice she belted out,

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me!

He just wants America to be respected as both intelligent and powerful. Unfortunately, his conception of that forms into something more like Chuck Norris, and less what it should be: Brett Favre. Brett doesn't have to kick anyone's ass for them to listen to him. But he can. But Brett understands that the true path to respect lies not in physical force alone, but the ability to lead wisely, with integrity, and the support of his team.

Aside from misplaced notions of America's manhood, Friedman's writing is not all that great, or persuasive. He relies on the some dramatic characterizations and hyperbole that so many of "the pundit class" already keep in their microphone holsters. It's the same garbage, being repeated multiple times is his columns. Words shouldn't be a blunt instrument, my friend.